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Henderson Settlement School collection

Collection : Henderson Settlement School collection
Date/Extent : 1925-1969, ca. 500 items
Description : Henderson Settlement School was established in 1925 by the Reverend Hiram Frakes near Pineville, Kentucky. Tradition holds that the land was donated by a moonshiner. Henderson was one of a number of settlement schools developed in rural areas, particularly in Appalachia, as a Progressive Era solution to poverty, isolation, and lack of opportunity. The schools, with boarding facilities for students whose homes were too distant for daily travel, clustered with community services, offered training for various trades, and often became laboratories for the study and preservation of local crafts and traditions. The five hundred photographs in this collection depict students engaged in crafts, studying trades, and touring in singing groups to raise money for the school. They also document individuals and scenes within the school, its rural community, and environs.
Repository : Photographic Archives

Woman preparing corn, Frakes, Kentucky, ca. 1940. From the Henderson Settlement School collection.

Students making a walkway at Henderson Settlement School, ca. 1935.