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Caufield & Shook Studio photographs

Collection : Caufield & Shook Studio photographs
Date/Extent : 1903-1978; over 500,000 negatives, 2,000 vintage prints, 78 linear ft records
Description : The commercial photography firm of Caufield & Shook was founded in 1903 by James Caufield and Frank W. Shook, who later took in Will Bowers as partner and chief photographer. Richard N. Duncan and Ned Tanselle purchased the firm in 1960. The studio's negatives were donated to the Photographic Archives beginning in 1968 and continuing in 1978 when the firm ceased operation. Few aspects of life in Louisville escaped the lens of Caufield & Shook whose company motto was "we photograph ANYTHING, day or night." The collection includes work for Louisville architects, builders, banks and financial houses, wholesale and retail merchants, advertisers, government agencies, public utilities, and private individuals. In 1924 Caufield and Shook became the official photographer of the Kentucky Derby. Most of the negatives are 8x10-inch, flexible film and glass, and are capable of mural-size enlargement. Thousands of books, newspapers, magazines, and television programs have used Caufield & Shook photographs as illustrations. Michael Lesy's Real Life: Louisville in the Twenties (1976) was illustrated entirely with Caufield and Shook photographs. Digital collection: Caufield & Shook
Repository : Photographic Archives

President Lincoln appears to stand on water at the Louisville Free Public Library during the 1937 Flood on the Ohio River. At Fourth and York streets, the Library normally was almost a mile from the river. From the Caufield and Shook collection.

Oertel’s Brewery sponsored live radio-broadcasts at the Drury Lane Theater in Louisville, 1936. From the Caufield and Shook collection.