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World War poster collection

Collection : World War poster collection
Date/Extent : 1916-1945, ca. 1,200 posters
Description : The World War poster collection at the University of Louisville includes posters form both World War I and World War II. Most of the posters are gifts from James W. Chandler who began collecting posters during World War I, when, as a Boy Scout, he sold war stamps and solicited Liberty Bond pledges. The World War II posters include posters from France, Canada, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, as well as the United States, and include the famous Norman Rockwell "Four Freedoms" series. The World War I posters represent the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, and South Africa, as well as exceptionally rare posters from Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. Among the artists represented in the collection are Maurice Romberg, Adolphe Léon Willette, Howard Chandler Christy, E. M. Ashe, Albert Herter, A. Karpellus, and Anton Otto Fisher. Also present are nine French posters, gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Selligman, with art by Maurice Romberg, Lucien Jonas (1880-1947), William Malherbe, Eugene Courbein, Maurice Newmont (1868-1930), N. Falter, and Abel Faivre (1867- ).
Repository : Rare Books

An exceptionally rare World War I Austria Hungary war bond poster by Franz Püchingen, 1916.