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For Love of Learning - Foreword

Libraries historically have achieved distinction through special collections of rare books, and rich manuscript holdings. Today our worth is measured as well by the innovation and excellence of the services we provide. At the University of Louisville Libraries we take pride in all these attributes. Although the history of our university dates to the late eighteenth century and many of our books and papers precede that date by hundreds of years, we offer twenty-first century services on a global scale.

An historian in Germany, a doctoral candidate in India, an author in the United Kingdom, a graduate student in Italy, and an editor in Turkey are among recent researchers finding information in the University of Louisville's special collections and archives, yet none of them set foot in our city. Each day we greet traditional researchers who come to Louisville, put on white cotton gloves, and take up pencils to use our unique collections. At the same time our librarians and archivists are scanning, faxing and electronically transmitting images of these same primary source materials around the world.

These pages highlight some of our special collections and primary sources. Researchers will find a good variety here, but they will also find many more resources on our world wide web pages and indexes, and through conversations, in person or electronically, with our librarians and archivists. We welcome you, and invite you to join us in expanding the universe of knowledge, and the love of learning.

Hannelore B. Rader
University Librarian
University of Louisville